“Many people talk with smoothly scripted cliches and they all sounds the same after a while; then they only want easy loans!! Hedgerock Capital delivered on my commercial refi after 2 other commercial loan brokers said NO. This loan wasn’t easy for Justin / Hedgerock.

After getting declined initially, his tenacity and creativity paid off and secured my refi at 5.75% (a fully amortizing loan), out of an 8.25% (hard money IO loan) saving us annual debt service and increasing our net cashflow. By the way, Hedgerock went extra step and drove from OC to San Diego to understand and tour my multifamily development projects, portfolio, plans and business model. I highly recommend HedgeRock Capital and thanks again Justin.”

June Yu / HP

June Yu Enterprises LLC

“Really enjoyed working with Justin, love his type A personality & his ability to push / release the pressure when needed. Thank you Justin for a great work! We closed our 3rd loan with you & I promise you many more in the pipeline! Justin is a man of his word & truly can deliver.”

Nathan L

Matco Components, Inc., Laguna Hills, CA

“Working with both Justin and Marina at HedgeRock Capital has been a great experience. As a developer and business owner I have worked with many lenders directly as well as brokers to obtain financing for our projects. It is refreshing to work with individuals that not only understand the market but also work as diligently as I do to make sure that the developments and projects are successful. Their reach of lenders has been unmatched and their attention to detail is beyond compare. I will be using HedgerRock for all of my business and commercial financing needs and will be recommending them to others as well.”

Allen Othman, CEO

USS Cal Builders, Inc., Stanton, CA

“During the time I’ve had the opportunity of working with both Justin and Marina at HedgeRock Capital, I’ve found them to be highly professional and extremely knowledgeable in helping their clients to successfully navigate the waters of commercial financing. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best source of commercial lending advice and solutions.”

Michael J. M.

Dana Point, CA

“HedgeRock Capital has been amazing to work with. I have been in the industry for many years and by far they are the best business and commercial lender I have ever worked with. Their communication, attention to detail, and depth of knowledge is exceptional. Great company great people.”

Scott Christian Assali, Insurance Specialist

Advantis Insurance, Mission Viejo, CA